Back down the Creative Lane…

where_the_wild_things_are03**WARNING: SLIGHTLY OFF TOPIC!**

On Friday, Oct. 16, I could barely contain my excitement. I couldn’t wait to watch the live action film “Where the Wild Things Are”. I performed my joyous clap as the credits started to roll, each screen decorated with Max’s imaginative sketches.

So was it worth it?

Definitely. Max reminded me of how great my imagination was as a child. My playhouse was made from pillows and sheets. In order to keep the tent/playhouse comfortable and sturdy, I placed a fan in the doorway. Why? Because I was going to keep my playhouse from melting when all the lava came. I would leap from one furniture item to another, informing my mother that if we steeped off of any of the “safe” items,  we were likely to lose a limb.  Sounds like I was a little off my rocket? Possibly. But that was what made life fun.

Many times during the film, you want to take Max by the hand, skip around and howl to top of your lungs. For the modern young viewer, the movie maybe a little slow and at times, inappropriate (Depending on how you feel about your children hearing profanity). The film made me feel as though I was watching Labyrinth for the first time all of over again. Towards the middle of the film, I proclaimed to my boyfriend that I want a real life KW and Carroll.  I laughed, I cried and most of all, I remembered what is like to have the world as your oyster.

A must see for everyone, no matter your age nor how you decide to perceive the film. It’s a rejuvenation to the creative senses.



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