Not Just A Box of Crayons: Christian Faur

Blue Boy by Christian Faur

Blue Boy (Crayon Series)

Christian Faur is an artist that specializes in taking the simple and making it extraordinary. When you were younger, did you ever open a box of crayons and were mesmerized by arrangement of the beautiful colors?  Did you felt like there was something more there than a box of wax?

That’s how Christian Faur felt, and still does. He saw that hidden potential in crayons and he’s bring it out in beautiful way. He doesn’t like using pens and pencils for his artwork. Instead, he enjoys crayons.

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Christian Faur

Where the Sidewalk Ends

He takes a photo and blows it up, so that he can see the pixels of the image. Then he begins to start the crayon masterpiece. He frames these works of art as though they were printed photographs. His works are definitely inspirational and mind boggling. They almost appear to be something that Seurat would do if he’d had the materials.  His artworks remind me of the museum scene in Ferris Bueller, where his best friend stares at a Seurat painting. And it’s as if he can see the young girl’s expression or sympathize with her. The camera zooms in closer with each cut until you almost forget that it is a person. The little begins to look like paint on a canvas. I’ve always felt that was a wonderful high point in the film along with the parade scene.

The Jacket by Christian Faur

The Jacket


Faur seems like a creative artist and has his innocence in control. He sees the potential in many things that most adults cannot see. Instead of keeping the beauty to himself, he shares through his works of art. We understand and sympathize with his appreciation for those waxy shapes we call crayons.


True Color Series, Girl 3 by Christian Faur

True Color Series, Girl by Christian Faur

The next time you open a crayon box or look at a crayon, look closer. Take a journey to find his potential much like the blonde little girl from Sesame Street. Red isn’t just red. Think of all the things that are red. Who knows, maybe you can create an artwork from it in whatever form of media suits you.

To learn more about Christian Faur, click here.


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