Price of Good Labor?

In an economy as such the last thing that you can even consider doing is working for free, correct? Yeah, it can be sort of a hard pill to swallow but it’s definitely not something that should not be reconsidered. Think of all the possibilities? I know that you may feel as though you’re being used, but at the same time, you’re using them as well. Continue reading


Why isn’t Web Design taken seriously academically?

student_computerlab During my undergraduate studies, I supposably attended one of the best schools for journalism. Yet while the other newspapers and magazines were closing down due to a diminishing readership or switching to an online presence, my journalism curriculum continued to emphasize print design. Why not slowly incorporate web design courses? Now I’m not suggesting that print design is not important, in fact it’s one of my specialties. In fact it influences web design in many cases. At the same time I believe that it is irresponsible to ignore the breakthroughs in the field and continue to prepare students for an obsolete job position. Professors suggested that their students take web classes but never brought the idea before the dean. Many grads are walking out of alma maters with little or no knowledge of the web. Continue reading

Something’s A Brewin’: Inspirational Sites

Many times designers, we tend to only look at other’s designers within our emphasis. Sometimes that can be a good idea and other times it’s a good idea to go to other designers (product, fashion, etc.) find inspiration. Honestly, can you continually look at the same photo/website/print item and be inspired? Probably not. In this post, I’ve included just a few of the websites that I peruse for inspiration.

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Making a Lasting Impression

As designers, we have to constantly figure out new ways to market our services.  Whether it is through a blog, website, or design forums, we must always make sure that we leave an impression on others, peers, clients or otherwise. Of course, time after time we are told to create a blog and a web portfolio if we want to succeed as a designer. But what happens when you’re being interviewed for an internship? Or if you are at a job fair with prospective employers and there is no wi-fi available?

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Are you PC? Or a Mac?


So as of late,   I’m trying to save money to purchase two products that are essential to my life (at this time): a scooter and new Mac. As of right now,  I don’t have a mode of transportation.  Hopefully in the next two months, this problem will be remedied. Oh no, I’ve gotten side track. This is not the point of this post.  In this post, I thought I would open the debate up to those readers and lurkers out there.  Which do you prefer: a windows or mac platform?

In the past, I’ve created work on both. As a teenager,  I learned Jasc PSP and Photoshop on a Windows computerwith an XP operating system. Then during college,  I was required to purchase a Mac. A Powerbook Pro to be exact. At first,  I hated it. I had left click syndrome.  I didn’t like the fact that I had to remember shortcuts to get control the system. I hated that it didn’t come with same programs that I received with my Windows platform. I felt that I understood why many companies didn’t use it.  Yes, I thought I knew it all. Yet in time,  it grew on me and my opinion changed.

I couldn’t get enough of the little machine.  I loved that programs loaded up quickly.  It seemed to have infinite amounts of space for all of my art work. I loved the sleek design. I enjoyed how design friendly it was. I thought we were a match made in heaven.

Then the Fall of 2007 happened.  My mac ran out of space. All of the widgets, music, paint brushes, fonts,  saved artwork  were causing my little hard drive to work overtime. I changed the RAM that sped the system up just a bit. I bought an external hard drive and cleaned up my computer. Just a little snag in road right? So I thought.  From there my Mr. Pro started falling apart.  It wouldn’t fully charge.  All CS2 programs would crash as soon as I would try to open them. I tried to clean the hard drive again and the external HD I put it on, crashed in the process. This caused me to lose alot of my art work. My photos were deleted in the process.  I had lost the wall adapter/plug for the initial external HD I had. Things were just falling apart.

Since then,  I’ve managed to come an agreement with my Mac. If I limit my usage of him, he will behave while I am working on him. But we both know that this can’t last forever.  Unfortunately, my funds are limited. So I’m considering buying a Windows now and using it for as long as I can. Or should I just get it over with and buy a Mac Pro or iMac? The windows would be more affordable but I feel as though it could be a waste since I will turn around and buy a Mac. Yet buying a Mac would seem like an investment. I would probably buy accessories for it but it would take longer to purchase.

So what do you guys thing? Which system do you believe gave you more bang for your buck?